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Complete Field Service solution coupled with ERP and HR Suite

Over the past 5 years, BiznusSoft has established itself as the most innovative one-stop SaaS solution provider built on Salesforce platform. With our Field Service Management suite coupled with a back-end ERP and HR suite, as well as complimented by Salesforce Sales Cloud, BiznusSoft Field Service can provide end to end business solutions for any company. Sign up for a demo to learn why we’re rated as the top-most Field Service provider by our customers and how BiznusSoft can help your organization streamline its core business processes.

360-Degree Account Management
  • Ability to store all accounts as Prospects, Customers and Vendors.
  • The 360-degree page provides a holistic view of Account, Contacts, Quotes, Work Orders, Installed Product, Sites and specific Account-related documents.
  • Maintain Agreements and Contracts by Account.
Inventory Management
  • Maintain all your parts, equipment, services, etc. on a single view.
  • Ability to setup multiple inventory sites which store Serial Controlled, Lot Controlled and Non-Controlled items with the specified quantity.
  • View complete inventory transaction history for each item.
  • Ability to reserve inventory for orders in a single click.
Workforce Management
  • Store complete basic and personal information of all employees.
  • Ability to define skills and pay rates.
  • Ability to create groups based on skills, region or level.
  • Ability to track all technicians’ locations via Google Maps.
Work Order Management

Provide complete work order solution with the ability to manage your sales or services.

  • Ability to reserve ordered inventory & dispatch.
  • Automated status updates on the work order keep you updated.
  • Ability to capture & calculate time punches by technicians.
  • The Agreements & Warranties let you decide whether you should bill your customer or not.
  • Facility to integrate with PayPal, to track payment information.
  • Create Warranty timeframes adopted in your industry with timeframes of one year, two years or any other timeframe needed.
  • Attach Warranties to items. When the item is selected on a new Installed Product, the Installed Product inherits the Warranty and calculates Warranty start and end dates.
  • Provide Entitlements with Warranties.
  • Once an Installed Product is entered on a Service Order, it displays a valid Warranty on the Service Order.
Dispatch Console
  • Gives you a view of the work orders along with the technician’s calendar.
  • Ability to assign work orders based on the technician's skill set & availability.
  • Ability to assign & reassign work orders dynamically.
  • Integration with Salesforce calendar keeps the technicians updated.
  • Integrated with Google Maps to view the customer locations.
Mobile Technology

Supports all leading Mobile Technologies such as IOS, Android, Salesforce1, etc.

  • Ability to manage accounts, inventory & work orders.
  • Notify your technicians the moment they are scheduled.
  • Facilitate and optimize your technicians' efficiency by having immediate notifications of changes or updates on existing jobs.

Organizations have a tough time keeping track of their entitlements to a product or a service. Be on top of your customer's expectations with comprehensive verifications and entitlement checks that:

  • Create Preventive Maintenance Agreements to automatically create Service Orders and to track your customer Installed Product history.
  • Set varying frequencies and lengths for multiple jobs from a single page!

Gain the functionality you need to run your business! Integrate with any third-party application with open APIs.

  • QuickBooks.
  • Experian QAS address validation.
  • Twilio VOIP and SMS.
  • Docusign electronic signatures.
  • Google Maps.

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Core FS360


  • Account 360 View
  • Work Orders
  • Technician Management
  • Chatter
  • Installed Products Tracking
  • Integrations with DocuSign, Twilio VOIP & SMS, and Experian Address Validation*
  • Mobile Apps

Advanced FS360


  • All Core FS360 Features
  • Dispatch Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Warranties and Entitlements
  • Agreements and Contracts

See what our customers think about BiznusSoft Field Service


"BiznusSoft partnered with us to quickly roll out a complete Field Service Management solution which optimized our operations.We are extremely pleased with the implementation approach and Field Service solution. We highly recommend them."


"We had implemented 2 years back but were not able to realize the full potential of the platform. The BiznusSoft team was excellent to work with and made the Field Service implementation process far better than expected."


"In working with the BiznusSoft Implementation Team, ITI always felt they were in good hands. The project ran on time and any issues discovered during the process were quickly corrected. We found the team to always be communicative and willing to assist."


"BiznusSoft team was great to work with. They worked diligently to understand our business model and were committed to roll out the project successfully. Using Field Service, we have gained efficiency in sales and operations."


"We recently rolled out Field Service and decommissioned our legacy CRM and SCM systems. To say the least, we had a great experience in rolling out Field Service in Phase I and are looking at working with the BiznusSoft team closely in rolling out their HR and Finance Management solutions."


"After implementing the Sales Cloud, we wanted to expand use of Salesforce for our support and services group. BiznusSoft provided the functionality and flexibility to get us to the next level of service with our customers. Overall, they did an excellent job."

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