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Enhance Employee Productivity In The Cloud

BiznusSoft HR is a complete HCM solution based in the cloud. Some of the key features include Talent Management, Operations Management, Compensation Management, Benefits Management, Absence Management, Payroll Management and Performance Management. This software is a mobile, affordable, and scalable way to enhance employee productivity.

Recruitment Management

Enhance the way you manage all your job postings, applicant information, resumes, and all other essential recruiting tasks in one secure place.

  • Candidates' profiles and applications are readily available with the click of a button.
  • Create custom forms and position descriptions while directing emails, attachments, phone calls and other communications to the people designated for each posted job opening.
  • Track every stage of the interview process.
  • Digitize your existing documentation such as, I-9s, W-4s, background checks, and other tax documents.
Benefits Management

Track all benefits included within your organization. Integrate with payroll to ensure that all available benefits are accounted for you workforce.

  • Accommodate a variety of benefits such as, retirement plans, medical coverage, dental & vision, and more!
  • Interface with payroll deductions and taxes.
  • Centralize updates when any changes to benefits are made, thus eliminating the need to update reports individually.
Performance Management

Put an end to the conventional employee rating system of evaluations and enable collaboration and engagement of the team.

  • Accurately measure your team members' performance through a 360-degree view of employee goals, competencies, strengths, development needs, and career aspirations.
  • Clearly identify top performers and reward your team for their dedication.
  • Engage in discussions, provide ongoing constructive feedback, and instill a sense of value in your team through a collaborative platform.
Absence Management

Setup flexible evaluation plans that support your organization's goals while simultaneously reducing the time required to administer leave plans!

  • Eliminate HR involvement by enabling your employees with the tools they need to request time-off, evaluations, and set their own goals.
  • Ensure compliance with organization leave policies and statutory leaves.
  • Effortlessly track all paid or unpaid employee time-off.
Time & Attendance

Exercise better control over workforce absenteeism, improve time discipline, and prevent stressful attendance management issues through a central repository for all time logs and ease of access using a mobile app.

  • Have employees log time in a variety of ways regardless of their location on their mobile or desktop devices.
  • Access precise time allocation metrics and KPIs.
  • Visualize employee activity patterns in real time.
Payroll Management

Achieve Payroll visibility by replacing spreadsheets and legacy systems with a flexible, centralized, and modern Payroll system.

  • Pull together regular working hours, overtime, leave hours, holidays, benefits, deduction and taxation.
  • Generate payroll and labor reports
  • Quickly identify issues and make necessary adjustments with a real-time view of productivity and profitability.
  • Effectively manage diverse Payroll plans to better control cost and expenses.

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Core HR


  • Employee Record Keeping
  • Workforce Management
  • Employee Self-Service Access
  • Asset Management
  • Training Management
  • Mobile Access

Advanced HR

$12 /Employee/Month

  • Core HR
    Plus any ONE module below
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Benefits Management

Total HR

$15 /Employee/Month

  • All Modules

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"Our organization has purchased multiple software packages from BiznusSoft (including HR & Field Service) and we are absolutely thrilled with their platform and customer support! The software is fantastic: it’s user friendly, has helped us get well organized, analyze large volumes of data, customized reporting, etc… We will definitely be recommending them to our business partners and using them for our future/additional software needs!"

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